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are we there yet? by Jerusha Green

"An endless war. An attempt to bridge the gap – open the border – share the space. And an inevitable struggle, a failure. And a second chance, tentatively, to make friends."

"Born and bred in South Manchester, Jerusha studied Scriptwriting and Performance at The University of East Anglia. Jerusha is an alumnus of the Royal Court’s Introduction to Playwriting Group and Invitation Studio Group. Credits include: a rehearsed reading of Recreation (Arcola Theatre) 2015; a sharing of are we there yet? (Pleasance Theatre Islington) 2016; an adaptation of Frankenstein for young actors (Magdalen College School, Oxford) 2017; various work-in-progress showings of my short play Work (The Rose Playhouse, The Bunker) 2017 - 20."


The latest project by Proxemics 'CONNECT' has been created whilst in quarantine. We wanted to use this time to think about how we move in our own spaces and to reflect on how many of us feel in our current confines. 6 artists and 6 volunteers have come together from across the UK to collaborate on this project remotely, in order to create a feeling of community and togetherness while we are all apart. Together we have created three videos that use different artistic mediums to convey these feelings of isolation and confinement.

Fault Lines

Fault Lines by Magnum Phoenix

A radio play.

“George gets a new job in the middle of a snow-blanketed mountain range. After disaster strikes, he, his combative roommate and his new friend Amos must work out how to survive, not only with the conditions, but with one another.”

"Magnum Phoenix is a gay British actor, director and theatre maker currently studying a PHD at the university of Warwick. His first professional work, #WALLPAPER was written, produced, funded and staged by Magnum in 2014. He then went on to write and produce I Spent This Year As A Ghost, in 2016. "

Fault Lines was released in April 2021 and ran until the end of May 2021.